Tabernacle Experience


A life-sized Old Testament Tabernacle is coming again to Lincoln! As you enter this full-scale replica of the tabernacle that traveled with Moses and the Israelites through the wilderness, you will feel like you've walked back in time. This interactive exhibit allows you to look, touch, and engage with the duties and rituals of an Old Testament priest. You will also learn how each of those duties were fulfilled in our great high priest, Jesus Christ, as an audio tour talks you through each station. You will participate at the Altar of Burnt Offering, the Lampstand, the Altar of Incense; you will sit before the Ark of the Covanent and the Mercy Seat. It truly is a time of worship, a beautiful multi-sensory encouter that God has used to deepen many people's understanding and faith. 

"The entire experience was life changing. It brought to life the Words of The Scripture I have read several times but now I more fully understand. Thank You Jesus for Your Sacrifice for me. The realization that I am the Tabernacle because Jesus lives in me causes me to be more aware of how I live my life because I reflect Jesus in the world." -- Nancy Heller

"I loved how it touched me through all my senses -- washing my hands, listening to the music, being engulfed by the heavy incense, watching the flickering flames of the candles and the wood burning my sin, tasting the bread. It could have easily been simply a Bible lesson from the Old Testament, but it was much more than that. Everything pointed to Christ, and the Gospel was clearly proclaimed." -- Melanie Dehing

"I drove from Kansas City yesterday and brought my daughter and my three grandkids, ages 9, 7 and 6. It was such an amazing, life changing experience for all of us, including the children. It was more than worth the 3 hr drive!" -- Barbara Collins 

God’s desire to dwell among us will captivate you as well as you engage with this amazing spiritual experience.  Childrens and Spanish verisons of the 50-minute audio tour are available as well! The Tabernacle will be set up on the Campus Life House field (6401 Pine Lake Rd.) open daily, June 13-21, Mon. - Sat. 11 AM - 7 PM, Sun. 1 - 7 PM. $6/person or $20/family. 

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