Unfortunately Castaway Club YFCamp this June has been canceled. We are looking into other camp options later in the summer. We will keep you updated!

Questions/Thoughts? Just want to chat? Call a Campus Life leader: 402-420-7475.

(Hoping for a camp later in the summer :D)

Who Can Attend YFC Camp?

Any student who has completed 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade that school year is welcome to come to camp. Regular attendance at Campus Life weekly clubs is NOT required to go to camp. Yes, seniors graduating can still attend camp this summer! 

What Can You Expect at YFC Camp?

So much good happens at YFCamp! Countless students will tell you they went off to YFCamp and came back a better, refreshed person, a person who finally understands how much Jesus loves him, a person who accepted Jesus as Savior and now has hope. You have to experience it for yourself. Camp is awesome. Banana boats, climbing wall, coffee shop, hot tubs, water sports, parasailing, zip lines, at bare minimum you'll do something fun, but if you'll engage in everything it's so much more than that!! It's life changing.

You can expect to have a thrilling week of adventure away from the normal routine and distractions of home. To help everyone fully engage in camp, all electronic devices will be safely stored upon arrival at camp. Students are allowed to have their devices on the ride to and from camp, but while at camp it's very important  to be unplugged. If an emergency arises, a parent/guardian may try calling/texting a leader (Adam, Josh, or Trenton) or contact the camp directly at 218-325-3550.

The camp cost covers all activities, outings, and meals during the week. But we will be stopping a few times on the way to and from camp for food and restroom stops.  At these stops students will be expected to pay for their own meals. Plan for two stops on the way there and back, $20-40 should be sufficient. Also, if student want to purchase anything from the camp store or Snack Shack, they'll want a little extra money, but we advise NOT bringing a lot of money to camp.

A camp nurse is on staff and on site the entire week. The camp nurse will distribute any medications (prescription or over-the-counter drugs). All medications must be in their original containers, labeled with the student's name, dosage amount, etc., and turned in upon arrival at camp.

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YFC Camp Castaway Highlight Video 2019 from Youth For Christ USA on Vimeo.