April 23, 2020 @ Parkway Lanes


Your donations send students to a life-giving time with a life-giving Jesus! 100% of money raised at the Bowl-a-thon will go to student scholarships for camp! YFCamp is a crucial piece of countless students' faith journeys. Whether they meet Jesus at camp for the first time or grow tremendously in their faith, every student who attends camp moves one step closer to Jesus while there. It's incredibly stretching and beautiful, the way camp is specifically designed to impact students. 

Student Testimonies on YFCamp:

"[Camp is] Truly where everything changes ❤️ I thank God I get to go amazing places and grow in my faith with truly incredible people !❤️"              -- high school student

"I said YES to Jesus!" -- middle school student

“At camp I left behind my inability to forgive. I can now say I’ve forgiven them but I wouldn’t have been able to without God’s guidance at camp. I never realized how much God loves me until I came to camp.” -- high school student

Parent Testimonies on YFCamp:

“My son had a great time at camp - talked all about it last night when he got home. I am kind of glad he didn’t have a friend go with him. It sounded like he really opened up to making new friends. Thanks for being there for him!”

"He's home!!! My son just got back from YFCamp He came back a little more grown up, full of stories, and beyond happy. I'm incredibly proud of the group leaders on the trip. They give, inspire, and always try to see the best in things. My heart is full." 

If you're a student, you can earn your entire way to camp and a little extra for spending money while you're there! Fundraising packets are available at the Campus Life House (or get one from any Campus Life staff you know).

If you want to help a student get to camp, please give a gift today.