The Youth for Christ Lincoln area staff consists of paid and unpaid, full, part, or quarter time staff serving youth across the city.  Our current ministry leadership team consists of:
  • Matt Schulte, Executive Director
  • Tyler Carter, Ministry Director
  • Seth Roepke, Campus Life High School Director
  • Dr. Tiffany Leonida, Parent Life Director

Meet Our Staff Team

  • Kaleb Andersen has joined our Campus Life team! Originally from Iowa, he learned about Youth for Christ while being a counselor at Timberlake Ranch Camp. Passionate about serving God and kids knowing God, Kaleb is eager to join our mission. He's working toward a degree in youth ministry from Liberty University. He loves to play soccer and ultimate frisbee. Every morning before breakfast, he does Winnie the Pooh's exercise song; "Up, down, touch the ground..." He'll teach you if you'd like to learn it.

  • Lenore Berger works with high schoolers as director of Campus Life at Northeast, as an assistant to the Parent Life program at Northeast, and as youth group leader at Country Bible Church. Lenore and her husband, Chris, love to go on adventures, many of which are to Mexicali with her church, but they also have ventured through the cold of Estonia.

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  • Hannah Boe is working with Campus Life at Lincoln High while completing her education at UNL, studying Spanish and Global Studies. Originally from Hickman, NE, Hannah plays tennis, loves puzzles, and quotes the entire grenade scene from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail singlehandedly.

  • Tyler Carter joined our high school Campus Life staff after hearing about YFC's ministry at his son's birthday party. He's now serving as Ministry Director. Tyler's background is in Business/Management. Tyler is eager to help people overcome the lies and false paradigms that keep them from the Freedom of Christ. Tyler, his wife, Karen, and their three children love writing, reading, and hand jiving.

  • Eldon Dietrich joined our Youth for Christ staff in January 2012 as the chaplain for our Juvenile Justice Ministry. Eldon had been volunteering at the detention center for many years. He has a heart to see young people facing incarceration find hope and transformation in the message of Jesus Christ. Eldon is married to Mary; they have four children and three grandchildren. In his spare time Eldon enjoys golfing and go-kart racing.

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  • Adam Forrester is a Campus Life leader at Mickle Middle School along with continuing as youth pastor at Northeast Missionary Church. He originally hails from Canada, but graduated high school from Iowa. He and his wife, Andrea, have been married for a year. Adam enjoys taking drives into the country and he plays lullabies on his guitar every night to help his dog fall asleep.

  • Anthony Godtel was born in Norfolk and has done a lot of moving, both as a child and as an adult. He came to us from pastoring in Clay Center. He will be running Campus Life at Norris Middle School, coaching, and driving busses for the district. He was part of a youth-led youth group in high school and is eager to continuing studying and sharing the Bible with kids, including his own three, Gabe, Josh, and Audrey. The first two years of Anthony and his wife, Jamie's, marriage, they only ate sushi with eel sauce for breakfast.

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  • Jarvis Green has volunteered for us at Campus Life at Culler for several years. Now he is on staff as part of our Campus Life team. Jarvis also works at the Copple Family YMCA as wellness specialist, coach, and cycling instructor. He and his wife, Ale, are the youth pastors at Crossroads Church. They have one son, Thaddeus Elijah, and three cats. Jarvis' favorite breakfast is sausage with ostrich eggs.

  • Bailey Jex is working with the Campus Life team after being a student, volunteer, and intern at Southeast's Campus Life club. Born and raised in Lincoln, she's studying nursing at UNL. Ask her all of your canary quaries; she knows.

  • Nathan Kroll has been with YFC since the beginning of time and has worked in every position possible. Nathan is the Director of Ministry Development and Fundraising Coordinator. He also will be serving with the Campus Life high school team this year.  Nathan started his ministry career at Norris High School, and he still talks to students he had then. He is also a pastor at Christ's Place Church. Nathan and his wife, Sandi, have climbed Mt. Everest every year for their anniversary. 

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  • Dr. Tiffany Leonida is our new Parent Life Director. Bringing her education in chiropractic with specializations in pediatrics, pregnancy, and childbirth, Tiffany has a deep desire to honor and aid those teens who have chosen life. Tiffany works alongside her husband, Alex,  at Healthy Start Family Chiropractic and Wellness. They have two daughters and live on a homestead with chickens and their great pyrenees dog. Tiffany loves volleyball, hiking, and the mountains. She has mastered the art of getting up from a snow angel without blemishing it just like on TV.

  • Kyle Lindgren joined our Parent Life and JJM teams in 2015 after volunteering with Parent Life for the past few years. He is a Lincoln native who is passionate about serving his hometown. Kyle is also the youth pastor at Zion Church. His wife, Chelsea, volunteers for Parent Life. They enjoy serving together. They have three children of their own. In the summers, they like to visit the Kansas City Zoo and their favorite hippo they've named Beatrice.

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  • Nate O’Keefe was a Campus Life junkie all through his middle and high school years. Then, Nate volunteered and served on high school staff for years.  Now he's doing design and media work for us in addition to working full-time at an engineering firm. He and his wife, Jackie, celebrated five years of marriage this spring with a potoo bird adventure through the jungles of Central and South America.

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  • Laura Ottley is working remotely from Wyoming as communications specialist.  Laura graduated from UNL with a secondary education Language Arts degree. She's married to Trey and loves being at home with their two children, Aspen and Owen. She's also glad to spur on the ministry, which was instrumental in many of her friends' salvation, from afar. Laura has memorized the entire “V” book of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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  • Andrew Owens was born and raised in Lincoln. He has been involved in Campus Life throughout his school days and is maintaining the tradition as part of our Leadership Academy group while he attends UNL. Andrew loves all things active and adventurous including all sports. Paul Bunyan is his idol.

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  • Ella Peterson has been a stellar volunteer with Campus Life at Lincoln High for the past three years. After interning at Pound Middle School and Northeast High School, Ella's now part-time staff as part of our Campus Life team. Ella loves sharing God's love with lost and hurting teenagers. She also loves to decorate, go to coffee shops, and spend time with the wonderful people God has placed in her life! She works at the Harbor Coffeehouse and wears a chicken costume every Wednesday.

  • Seth Roepke is a Campus Life regular. After having his life changed in high school through his Campus Life leader at Lincoln High, Seth commited to sharing Jesus with kids in the same way. Seth is the Campus Life leader at LHS, the High School Campus Life Director, and the Leadership Academy Coordinator. Seth graduated from UNL this past May. In his spare time, he travels as a professional WWE wrestler.

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  • Annie Rohde joined our Parent Life team this spring! She has her Master's in Public Health with a concentration in Maternal & Child Health. While getting this degree, Annie volunteered in the parenting classes at Lincoln High, which Parent Life staff co-teach. Annie's passion for women who are in the early stages of their parenting journey and her passion for Jesus found the perfect combo gig in Parent Life. Annie is married to Philip, and they have a toddler son named Brooks. Annie enjoys playing outdoors, including but not limited to, mutton bustin', buggy racing, and tombstoning.

  • Matt Schulte and his wife, Kristin, moved to Lincoln from Chicago in 2011 to serve as the Executive Director of Youth for Christ Lincoln area.  He has grown up knowing and believing in the mission of Youth for Christ. He has a passion for pointing teenagers to Christ and desires to see ministry flourish in every high school, middle school, and detention center in the Lincoln area. Matt loves spending time with his wife and four children, reading, and studying parakeets.

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  • Beth TeKolste is our Campus Life at Norris High School leader. She was involved in Children's Ministry at First Free Church in Lincoln for years and is now going on the adventure of ministry to teenagers. She and her husband Brian have four children; she loves attending their activities as well as doing water sports, working in the yard, exercising, and going to movies. She dreams of playing Anne of Green Gables on the big screen. 

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  • Pat Williams holds the title of “Lifetime Achievement in YFC.” She has been secretary to four out of the five Lincoln YFC Executive Directors. Pat is a pillar of stability at the office. She is currently serving as the office manager. Outside of Campus Life, Pat loves spending time with her family. She is a lover of all things green, Indian food dishes, and sushi parties.

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