What Your Yearend Gift Would Do

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Have you read or heard Charlie's story?

She is not alone. Countless students -- 12, 13, 16 year-olds -- feel at their end because of choices they've made or actions done to them.

You open the door to help for these desperate teens; you are a critical resource for them! You make it possible for Youth for Christ to provide the support and care that Charlie and hundreds of teens need each week.


Will you consider YFC in your yearend giving plans and donate a gift to continue the transforming work in students' lives like Charlie's?

                                                     How Your Year-end Gift Transforms Lives

$7,437 - Opens a new club that will eventually reach an average of 60 unchurched students weekly.

$2,000 - Supports one young staff leader who ministers daily in public schools or juvenile detention center.

$495 - Funds a Christian summer camp experience that will transform the life of one student.

$211 - Turns on the lights to keep the Campus Life Mission Center operational for an entire month.

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