Summer Ministry in Full Swing + Debt Free!

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This summer is a summer of “firsts” at Youth for Christ. This summer all of our staff members are hard at work in one of two ministries:

Campus Life @ Juvenile Justice

Each Wednesday our staff is running 4 clubs at the local detention center. This allows us to reach every kid in jail. As we have started this ministry it is interesting to see how open these kids are to talking. Lars, a former Lefler Campus Life kid, made a connection with our staff and asked if Cory was still on staff. Cory and this boy will be reconnected this week and hopefully Cory will be able to help this young boy as he leaves the facility in the next 30 days.

Campus Life @ Summer School

All high school students in Lincoln who attend summer school do so at North Star. That means that there are nearly 1,500 kids attending school until mid-July. Opportunity? Campus Life continues into the summer and reaches kids from every high school in Lincoln.


We are DEBT FREE!!!

This past month we paid off the remainder of our debt! We had a debt that had been on our books since the beginning of the economic downturn and we are SO thankful to God that we can be debt free and allow us to dream toward the future.


 Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God will continue to soften the hearts of students to hear His Good News.
  • Our fiscal year began on July 1. Pray that God will provide the $767,000 again this year to reach lost kids in Lincoln.
  • Pray for Lars, the former Lefler club kid who ended up in jail. Pray that Cory will be able to reach him and help him make a transition as he departs the facility.
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