Kristin Revamps Teen Parents Children’s Program

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

My wife, Kristin, was an elementary teacher for nine years before we had four little kids to raise. Through those experiences and the intentionality she shows with our kids, she has both found and developed some great tools for nurturing little kids’ faith. So, this fall she enjoyed revamping the children’s program for YFC’s Teen Parents program.

Each Tuesday night, about 25 teen parents and their babies show up for support, encouragement, and mentoring. While the parents are in their program, the babies/toddlers go into a nursery. During this time each child gets prayed over, listens to a 3 minute Bible story that points to a Biblical Truth such as "God is Big" or "God is with Us", colors a page about the story, learns a monthly Bible verse through song, and has some high quality interaction.  When the children are picked up, the parents are given a take-home page with the story, Truth, and some specific ways that they can interact and pray with their child about what was learned.

Recently, a young mom asked, “Where did my daughter get this (referring to a take-home page)?” We told her it was in the childcare program. “That is great! I am so excited that my daughter can learn about God, too,” she responded.  What an awesome opportunity we have to impact not just one generation for the kingdom, but two!

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