Entire Families Impacted Through Campus Life

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Hailey has been a student at Campus Life for years. 

She met Jesus through Campus Life and has a personal relationship with Christ. This past school year, Hailey participated in our YFC Core Student Leadership program. In July, Hailey and 19 other students ventured to a new YFCamp on Tablerock Lake in Missouri. 

During the solo time at camp, Hailey was praying for her dad to hear God’s Word and be lifted up by it. (Backstory on her dad: Hailey’s folks divorced when she was young and because of her dad’s job, he was very absent from Hailey’s life. They had no real relationship until the past few years.) After Hailey got home from camp, her dad called her and told her he’d been reading God’s Word! Praise God for a specific answer to Hailey’s prayer! But what really shook Hailey up was that for the first time in her life, Hailey’s dad told her he loved her. 

We're thrilled to see how God works every year, changing lives of students and their families, one at a time. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!

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