Great Things God Has Done! YFCamp: One Step Closer

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

One step closer.

Every single student at the high school YFCamp at Castaway Club moved one step closer to God, one step closer to Jesus, one step closer to knowing how much God loves them. Hear these testimonials from staff and students who were at YFCamp Castaway:

"What an AMAZING week at YFCamp. We laughed a lot, cried a lot, hugged a lot & learned a lot! Two of our students said YES to Jesus for the very first time! Over half of our students said YES AGAIN (made a recommitment to Jesus)! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for these students, gave generous donations, and thank you for everyone who supports the efforts of YFC. Camp is where everything changes for students! Thank you for your KINGDOM investment!"  -- Beth TeKolste, HS girls leader

"Thank you Castaway Camp for such an amazing experience. Thank you for bringing me closer to God when I lost my faith with everything going on. Because of camp, I said yes to God again. Thank you to everyone who made this life-changing trip one to remember! ✝️��" -- HS student

Referring to "rocks" the students are getting rid of, the things that need to be different because Jesus calls us to be changed: 

"I'm gonna throw away the mental blocks I had when it came to spending time with Jesus. I dug out my old devotional and journal I haven't looked at in years -- I'm going to do that every night." -- HS student

"I'm gonna throw down my hatred. At camp, I learned to give it up and trust God to heal." -- HS student

"I never realized how much God loves me until I came to camp. I'm getting rid of caring what others think...the only person I should be pleasing is God." -- HS student

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