Great Things God Has Done! YFCamp: Jill

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Our Campus Life middle school crew had an excellent week at camp. The truth is though that an excellent week at camp also always means a week of struggle because walls have to come down, which is hard, sins have to be exposed, which is painful, hurts have to be healed, which hurts. Yet all that tension is worth the forgiveness, freedom, and relief that God brings to each circumstance and each student who trusts Him. 

This is a camp story from Shannon, one of our newest staff members, who jumped right into the work with a week at Prairie River Middle School YFCamp:

"The last camper to check in and hop in the van was a Jill, a girl I knew through the middle school ministry at Christ Place Van Dorn. Because I already knew Jill, trust was already there, and it was somewhat easier for her to open up at camp. The last night of camp was a power night; the message was about mess and sin. Toward the very end of service, Jill began to cry so the rest of the girls went on with another leader to start cabin time, and I stayed with Jill. She opened up about tragedies in her family, her health, her fear, and her wanting to not live in it anymore. I was able to tell her bits of my story and how God was so close to me through all of my pain.  I asked her if she had ever prayed to accept Jesus into her life as her Savior. She said she hadn't but she wanted to! We prayed together, and Jill dedicated her life to Jesus!!!!! The change in her demeanor and countenance was evident. She got a taste of that hope. I look forward to continuing on in relationship with her, and I'm excited to see what God has in store for her!"

Thank you for praying while our team was at camp. It was a week of struggle and a week of redemption! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Please keep praying for these students. We have a number of them returning home to a lot of heartbreak. God is at work. We are on mission with Him. He is so good through it all. To God be the glory great things he has done. 

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