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Dylan and Charlotte

12/12/2017 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

Just had to share with you Dylan's story. He has been out of detention for quite awhile, but he keeps calling me and Kyle. I got a call last night from Dylan. He was at Burger King in... More

Do you know Seth Roepke?

12/11/2017 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Project Serve, Teen Parents

Currently, his favorite Campus Life game is British Bulldog 1,2,3. “It’s an intense game and it’s fun to watch the students get really into it,” said Seth. Back when Seth was a Campus Life... More

In Her Own Words

12/7/2017 in Category Campus Life

"All thanks to God for showing me true love through Campus Life." - Meghan

We're better together. Please consider giving before Dec. 31 so that we can continue showing students' God's true... More

Hidden Until the Day of Birth

12/5/2017 in Category Teen Parents

Lindsay, a teen parent, hid her pregnancy until the day she delivered.

Tiffany Leonida and Annie Rohde, our two Parent Life staff, were the only ones who knew Lindsay was pregnant. Thus,... More