Stories of Teens to Whom YOU Have Given Life

Your giving makes this possible…

11/17/2017 in Category Campus Life

Your giving to God's work through Campus Life has opened the door for me to be on location with some of the most hurting and promising youth of today.

These are some statements I’ve heard... More

2017 Comedy Night Success!

11/8/2017 in Category

Comedy Night was a success again this year! Our goal was to raise $65,000 to reach teens for Christ... as you can see through the video, we surpassed the goal! Thank You Lincoln and Hickman... More

For This Reason

11/7/2017 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Teen Parents

On Wednesday, October 25, a tragic accident occurred outside of the Norris Intermediate School. On the same campus, at the exact same time, I was doing Campus Life club with two of our Campus... More

We Are Here to Set Teens Free

11/7/2017 in Category

Everything about this place says permanent.

From the stone walls… to the bared windows and razor wire, there is a clear message, "no one leaves this place."

It’s hard to imagine making... More