Parent Life Thanksgiving

11/27/2018 in Category Teen Parents

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Parent Life!!!

Giving thanks and gratitude to my Parent Life Lincoln family as we celebrated Thanksgiving, together, with all our children. I'm so... More

Salvation was Found Sunday Night

11/7/2018 in Category Campus Life

Have you heard what happened at Norris Campus Life? Beth TeKolste, our Norris Campus Life leader, tells it in her own words:

"Sunday Night at Club, I was not planning on sharing the... More

Celebrating the Summer

10/10/2018 in Category Campus Life

Lives were changed this summer! Below are direct quotes from Campus Life students:

“No matter where you come from or how bad your home life is, you will always be accepted into Campus... More

Campus Life Changes Liz’s Life

9/17/2018 in Category Campus Life

Halfway through last school year Liz and her step-brother started coming to Campus Life at Mickle. After they had been coming awhile, Liz asked the Mickle leaders to meet with her outside of... More