School is Upon Us

9/2/2011 in Category

The school year is upon us. It’s a hustle-bustle time as volunteers are getting trained, interns are starting up, new ministries are popping up, and weekly outreaches to students are... More

Africa Trip Postponed

8/26/2011 in Category

Unfortunately my (Matt Schulte) trip to Africa was cancelled this week. I was supposed to travel to Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. The State Department issued a warning for travel to Burundi... More

Tyler’s Story

8/12/2011 in Category

Tyler is a sophomore in Lincoln.  Near the end of the school year he began to show interest in spiritual things and started attending a Bible study lead by a volunteer, Kevin.  Through that... More

Dwayne Greer Memorial Fund

8/2/2011 in Category

Dwayne Greer Pictured at YFCamp last summer.

Dwayne Greer, a participant at Lincoln High Campus Life for a couple of years died tragically this past weekend ( Our hearts break for Dwayne's family and friends... More

Living in Expectation

5/25/2011 in Category

Recently I found myself pondering my future. My future here on earth: should we buy a house, where will our kids go to school, how much money should we save for retirement. I began to think... More