Rwanda + Burundi

7/15/2012 in Category

On August 1st I will be traveling to Rwanda and Burundi with a leadership team from YFC USA.... as you may remember this trip was supposed to happen last summer but was postponed due to the... More

Summer Ministry in Full Swing + Debt Free!

7/15/2012 in Category

This summer is a summer of “firsts” at Youth for Christ. This summer all of our staff members are hard at work in one of two ministries:

Campus Life @ Juvenile Justice

Each Wednesday... More

A Letter from Geneva

6/25/2012 in Category

Our chaplain, Eldon, recently met with a gal in the detention center. As he began to share Christ with her he realized he knew her family. After this young girl became a Believer Eldon... More

Juan Carlos is in jail and he doesn’t speak a lick of English

6/14/2012 in Category

Juan Carlos is in jail. I have no idea why. I am sure he did something that landed him in the juvenile detention center where he is undergoing a 30 day evaluation. I do know this. He is 15... More

Celebrate 13 Lives

5/16/2012 in Category


What an exciting end to the school year this has been. Just in the last month we have seen a 13 kids come to faith in Christ Jesus!

Did you hear that 13 students have become... More