Matt on JJM

2/1/2013 in Category

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CL Matt Interview from Wax Robot on Vimeo.

Nick Knows Christ!

11/9/2012 in Category

Sharing only one student’s story is hard to do because God works through chain reaction; one life is changed, then that person changes another’s life, and the impact continues. This is... More

Abiding in Prayer

10/15/2012 in Category

Abiding in Prayer

This fall, we are focusing on Colossians 4:2-6 as a team. These verses start off with a strong call to prayer. A call to pursue Him in prayer, a call to speak boldly and... More

Return from Africa

8/31/2012 in Category

Genocide, Civil War, Poverty, City Life, Sustanance Farming, Micro Enterprise, Education, Orphanages, Rape, Leadership Academies, Undeveloped Land...

On my recent trip to the countries of... More