Looking for the Goldfish

8/14/2018 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Teen Parents

Hannah Roepke was facilitating Campus Life club at the juvenile detention center a couple weeks ago. Listen in.

"I was sharing this picture with the teens in jail: 

I began talking about... More

Do you know Eldon Dietrich?

8/6/2018 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

What do you think Eldon said when Nathan Kroll asked him to consider being Juvenile Justice Chaplain?

“A 62-year-old guy, working with teenagers all the time? I dropped out of college, I... More

The unborn are being carried to our doorstep.

7/13/2018 in Category Teen Parents

Parent Life took a trip to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. 

During this short trip,  Tiffany and Annie, our Parent Life staff, had so many opportunities to serve these young moms. They taught... More

Colorado Peaches & Pear On Sale Now

7/5/2018 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Project Serve, Teen Parents

Don’t miss these tantalizing straight-out-of-the-orchard Colorado peaches and pears. Order your lug (approx. 20 lbs.) through our new website:

As always, your purchase... More

Do you know Tyler Carter?

6/25/2018 in Category Campus Life

Would you rather eat chocolate-flavored poop or poop-flavored chocolate?

This is Tyler Carter’s go-to question for his favorite Campus Life staff game. Tyler came on staff with YFC in the... More