Spring Break Overnighters

4/17/2018 in Category Campus Life

Norris Girls' Overnighter! 


Crazy games and lots of laugh -- these girls had a great time together over spring break. Hours on end together is a key to... More

Hot Hot Baby

4/11/2018 in Category Campus Life

The name of the game at Campus Life on Monday. Enjoy some photos from Campus Life's all-city high school club. It gets loud and fun and real every Monday night! 

Charlie’s Story

3/29/2018 in Category Teen Parents

Charlie became pregnant as a junior in high school.

The circumstance of her pregnancy, as is often the case, were dark. Facing the possibilities of discarding her life goal of becoming a... More

Do you know Kyle Lindgren?

3/23/2018 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

A Lincoln native, Kyle grew up around Christianity, but he rebelled against it and pursued drugs, drinking, and gang life. He finally got to the point where he hated his life. A night filled... More

Do you know Emily Allen?

3/8/2018 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Project Serve, Teen Parents

A game day with her family would find Emily Allen playing Sorry! with her husband, Steve, and her daughters, Jude and Molly. Emily is from Lincoln. She earned her degree in Visual... More