In Her Own Words

12/7/2017 in Category Campus Life

"All thanks to God for showing me true love through Campus Life." - Meghan

We're better together. Please consider giving before Dec. 31 so that we can continue showing students' God's true... More

Hidden Until the Day of Birth

12/5/2017 in Category Teen Parents

Lindsay, a teen parent, hid her pregnancy until the day she delivered.

Tiffany Leonida and Annie Rohde, our two Parent Life staff, were the only ones who knew Lindsay was pregnant. Thus,... More

Locked Up 23 Hours a Day

11/28/2017 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

Shawn is a young man at the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility in Omaha.

He is on 23 and 1 lock down which means he spends 23 hours a day in his room. Shawn likes to rap, so Kyle, one of... More

Your giving makes this possible…

11/17/2017 in Category Campus Life

Your giving to God's work through Campus Life has opened the door for me to be on location with some of the most hurting and promising youth of today.

These are some statements I’ve heard... More