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1/29/2019 in Category Campus Life

Happy New Year!

A normal Sunday night this fall Beth TeKolste was leading Campus Life club with the Norris high schoolers. For some reason the students were so alert and attentive, which... More

50 Years of Campus Life in Lincoln

1/21/2019 in Category Campus Life

Walking beside teens and caring for them when they need it most -- that's Campus Life. 

What Your Yearend Gift Would Do

12/19/2018 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Project Serve, Teen Parents

Have you read or heard Charlie's story?

She is not alone. Countless students -- 12, 13, 16 year-olds -- feel at their end because of choices they've made or actions done to them.

You open... More

Charlie’s Story

12/12/2018 in Category

Charlie, a young teen mom, had attempted to end her life. Carrying the burden of raising a child while in high school while being weighed down with the guilt of the pregnancy rising from... More

Red Weekend Review

12/3/2018 in Category Campus Life

Eleven girls and five boys from our high school Campus Life ministry attended Red Weekend in Omaha. 

The surprise activities they got to enjoy were a late night movie (The Grinch), a fancy... More